Get inspired and feel good

SWEET GESTURE: Stomper Alex saw a girl take out a slice of cake from her bag and give it to an elderly woman on the train.
Get inspired and feel good

KIND UNCLE: Drinks-stall owner Toh Ah Wat gives out 50 free breakfast sets to the needy every month.
Get inspired and feel good

SPEEDY HELP: Stomper Mabel saw two drivers rushing to the aid of a motorcyclist who had fallen off his bike


    Jul 12, 2013

    Get inspired and feel good

    WHEN you are in the middle of an argument, are you the first to apologise or do you always fight to have the final say?

    If you are guilty of the latter, you might just be inspired to give in the next time after watching a video sent in by Stomper Aloysious.

    Featured in Stomp's Get Inspired section, the citizen journalism website's go-to page for all things inspirational, the video reminds us of basic life lessons we tend to forget.

    The video shared by Aloysius reminds us to apologise when we are in the wrong, to be kind without judging and to help without being asked.

    One scene in the video shows a married couple bickering. They stop when they catch a glimpse of their wedding bands and are reminded of their relationship.

    Stomper Aloysious, who dedicated this thought-provoking video to his late grandmother, said: "This film really tells us a lot about modern society in Singapore. I would like to dedicate this video to my late grandmother, who always made an effort to make me smile."

    If you are already smiling over the Stomper's sweet dedication, prepare to be moved by the heart-warming stories compiled in the Get Inspired section.

    Simple acts of kindness and tests of human grit and determination in Singapore and beyond are highlighted in this section for a reason: To inspire readers.

    In the fast-paced nature of today's society, how many of us can say that we have gone out of our way to make another person's day?

    Take, for instance, the story of a drinks-stall uncle.

    Mr Toh Ah Wat, 65, runs the drinks stall at an Ang Mo Kio market from 5am to 9pm almost every day.

    But, even amid his struggle to earn a living, he has not forgotten the poor.

    Every month, the generous man gives out 50 free breakfast sets to those who cannot afford a meal in the area.

    Mr Toh's act of kindness is certainly one we can all take a cue from.

    Not ready to make such a commmitment? Stomper Mabel's story features a scenario we might one day encounter, and can make a difference in.

    She wrote that she saw a motorcyclist fall off his bike on the road, and was heartened to see drivers rush to his aid.

    She said the motorcycle had skidded and was lying in between two lanes, near a traffic light.

    As it was drizzling, the motorcyclist had trouble lifting his bike on the slippery road.

    Just as she was about to help him, two other drivers rushed from their vehicles to lend a helping hand.

    In no time, the bike was shifted out of the lanes, thanks to the drivers who helped out of goodwill, and not because the motorcycle was blocking their way.

    Kind acts like that don't go unnoticed, just like another popular story sent to Stomp.

    Stomper Alex recounted seeing a girl take out a slice of cake from her plastic bag and give it to an elderly woman sitting beside her on a train.

    Alex said: "The girl said in Chinese, 'Auntie, this cake is for you. Please bring it home and eat it.' "

    A simple gesture like that may cost you only a few dollars, but could mean the world to the person you showed kindness to. The Get Inspired section aims to inspire readers to show more compassion towards others.

    These sentiments were echoed by readers such as Stomper Jerrytiss, who said: "Such a sweet gesture from the younger generation, keep it up!"

    Stomper bakasora commented: "This puts a smile on my face."

    If you have an inspiring story to tell, or would like to commend someone for a deserving deed, send in your story, together with the relevant photos or videos to

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