Oct 18, 2013

    Confessions on STOMP

    STOMP, Singapore's top citizen-journalism website, features the funniest, most inspirational and thought-provoking confessions daily.

    The confessions, which touch on a wide range of issues from cheating spouses to funny moments in the army, have resonated with readers, prompting some to share their own confessions with STOMP.

    Recently, a STOMPer poured her heart out on the website about her unfaithful husband.

    She wrote that her husband, a vice-president of a prestigious company, has been lying and cheating on her for as long as she can remember.

    The STOMPer shared: "Recently, I found out that he was seeing his former live-in partner.

    "His former girlfriend, who is a senior business consultant, has been flirting and sending text messages to my husband non-stop."

    Despite having found evidence of the affair through pictures stored in her husband's e-mail account, he has flatly denied her accusations.

    Desperate, she followed up on her confession on STOMP with a public plea for advice.

    Since her confession was posted, motivational comments have poured in, encouraging her to stand up for herself.

    For example, STOMPer Thomthumb said: "Sometimes, you should stand your ground and say enough is enough!"

    STOMPer Days on Sat added that, at such times, one needs to be "tough and affirmative".

    Whether or not the STOMPer eventually heeds their advice, the responses she has garnered from STOMP through her confession may help her in making a final decision.

    And the same goes for another STOMPer, who confessed that he is at his wits' end as he has fallen in love with a married colleague.

    The STOMPer, who recently broke up with his girlfriend, wrote: "I confessed (my feelings) to (my married colleague) a month ago, but she said she would just forget about my confession.

    "After I confessed to her, she avoided me for a week and did not talk to me."

    Things were never the same again, said the STOMPer, adding that his heart was utterly destroyed by the experience.

    His gutsy move of confessing his feelings may have cost him a friendship, but his story on STOMP serves as a gentle reminder to those hoping to pursue such relationships.

    However, not all confessions on STOMP end on a sad note.

    Some simply could not find the words to tell their loved ones, or lack the courage to do so.

    An example is a STOMPer who shared her story of a wonderful man she met through a social application on her smartphone.

    She described him as the love of her life, a man who treats her like a princess.

    She gushed: "One example is him being willing to even cut up chicken meat into small portions for me to eat conveniently.

    "When I have a drink, he will pop in a straw for me. If it is a canned drink, he would pour it into a glass for me."

    It was her love for him that drove her to post her confession on STOMP - her immense love for him has led to fears that she might lose him some day.

    In her confession, the STOMPer thanks her newfound love for everything he has done, for accepting her past and for loving her for who she is.

    She said: "I don't have the courage to tell him, but I hope he will be able to see this post."

    If you have something you're dying to get off your chest, why not share it on STOMP?

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