Clothes should be put  together in a classical way


    Jul 24, 2013

    Clothes should be put together in a classical way

    Australia's "golden child of fashion", Sydney-based fashion designer Dion Lee, is known for his minimalistic style that is effortless and relaxed.

    The 28-year-old was here recently for the 10th anniversary of multi-label fashion store Inhabit, where he showcased his Resort 2014 collection Oil + Water at Chijmes on July 10.

    Can you tell us more about your background?

    I studied at the Sydney Institute of Technology, where I did fashion design for three years.

    After that, I started my label in Sydney and we've been operating for five years.

    What got you into fashion?

    While growing up, I was always experimenting with clothes, dressing and design.

    In high school, I was focused on art, and all those art projects eventually started to focus on fashion. It was a natural progression.

    Can you describe the style of your clothes?

    It's technically aesthetic but sensual in its approach. I like to focus on the construction of design that, in a way, feels effortless and easy.

    You're dubbed the "golden child of Aussie fashion". What do you think of the title?

    I think (the media call me this) because I started my business straight out of college and have worked closely with the media since.

    It's not something I think too much about.

    How would you describe the Australian fashion or style?

    The approach is fairly relaxed and quite effortless in a way...The lifestyle influences how people dress quite a bit.

    Everyone spends a lot of time outside or at the beach, so the lifestyle affects how people put their look together.

    What kind of women are your clothes made for?

    There are pieces for someone who is relaxed and there are pieces for someone who is confident and adventurous.

    I still think that the pieces should be put together in a classical way that feels clean and sophisticated, but there's definitely an edge to how you put it together.


    Dion Lee's label is available at Inhabit at Mandarin Gallery, 333A Orchard Road #02-16, Singapore 238897.