Beyonce tops Kim as Most Searched

QUEEN BEY: Beyonce is the most-searched person on the Internet this year for Americans.


    Dec 04, 2013

    Beyonce tops Kim as Most Searched


    POP star Beyonce dethroned reality-TV personality Kim Kardashian as the most-searched person on the Internet

    this year for Americans, in a year when entertainment celebrities reigned.

    That was the verdict from Microsoft search engine Bing, which released data on top searches for 12 countries that showed Web users want to know more about the entertainment world than other sectors.

    While Beyonce outpaced Kardashian in the United States, she was No. 2 in Britain, behind Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber.

    Britain's No. 3 most-searched personality was Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.

    In Australia, American actress-singer Miley Cyrus edged out home-grown model Miranda Kerr as the most-searched person, ahead of former prime minister Kevin Rudd, Bing said in a blog post on Sunday.

    Cyrus was also No. 1 in Canada, ahead of the Duchess and American actress Amanda Bynes.

    Barbadian singer Rihanna was the top-searched person in France, followed by Kardashian and Beyonce, the blog said.

    US actress-singer Selena Gomez was No. 1 in Germany, edging out Cyrus and Bieber.

    Brazil, China, India, Japan and Spain favoured their own celebrities: The No. 1 spot went, respectively, to actress Bruna Marquezine, actor Wen Zhang, actor Salman Khan, model Dan Mitsu and pop star David Bisbal.

    In Italy, the Argentinian-born TV personality and host of Italia's Got Talent, Belen Rodriguez, was at the top of the list.

    In the US, the top-five most-searched people of the year were all women, with only two men in the top 10 - Bieber at No. 6 and President Barack Obama, No. 10.

    The Dallas Cowboys National Football League team was the top-searched sports team by Americans, Bing said.

    And Facebook was the most-requested search item among social networks, ahead of Pinterest and Twitter.

    The Xbox beat the iPhone as the top-searched gadget among Americans and Iron Man 3 was the most-requested movie.