Sep 29, 2016

    Tokyo to propose venue changes


    JAPANESE authorities reviewing the cost of hosting the 2020 Summer Olympic Games will propose major changes for three planned venues - including moving rowing and canoeing some 400km from the capital, media reported yesterday.

    The proposed changes, which would require the approval of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and each sport's international federation, are the latest in a series of setbacks and broken promises for organisers who had won the bidding largely on Japan's reputation for efficiency.

    Tokyo's bid proposal said the majority of venues would be within 8km of the Olympic Village in central Tokyo.

    Kyodo said the panel would recommend that the construction of three venues - for volleyball, swimming, and rowing and canoe sprint - be reconsidered and that other existing locations should be able to host those events.

    Public broadcaster NHK said the panel would propose moving the venue for rowing and canoeing to Tome City in the north-eastern prefecture of Miyagi, due to soaring costs and because not enough measures had been taken against wind and waves at the site in the original plan.

    Tokyo has already shifted the venues for several events out of the capital, including sailing and basketball.

    Cycling will take place in Shizuoka prefecture, about 200km west of Tokyo.