Phelps not Clos-ing chapter on golden harvest

BUOYANT: Phelps celebrating after winning the 200m butterfly.


    Aug 11, 2016

    Phelps not Clos-ing chapter on golden harvest

    IN AN unforgettable display of Olympic power, Michael Phelps won two more finals to take his historic all-time record load to 21 golds and cement his legendary status.

    He beat Japan's Masato Sakai by just four hundredths of a second to take the 200m butterfly.

    Chad le Clos, who had won the event in the London Games, came in fourth, while Hungary's Tamas Kenderesi bagged bronze.

    Phelps later anchored the United States 4x200m freestyle team to victory.

    At 31 - the oldest individual Olympic swimming gold medallist ever - he is still the master of the pool.

    After claiming his 20th title in five Olympics, Phelps stood in the water striking a pose like a Roman emperor, soaking up the acclaim.

    The 200m butterfly was his first world record in 2001.

    He was determined to win back the Olympic title that he had lost to South Africa's le Clos in 2012.

    "That event is kind of like my bread and butter.

    "There wasn't a shot in hell I was losing that race," Phelps said.

    "And if I did, I was leaving everything in the pool."

    He returned yesterday for the heats and semi-finals of the 200m individual medley.