Aug 04, 2016

    Pele needs OK from sponsors to lead torch event


    PELE has been invited to

    light the Olympic pyre for the

    Rio Games on Friday but the Brazilian football great is checking with his sponsors

    to see if he is free to lead

    the torch ceremony in the Maracana stadium.

    "I have a contract that

    I am bound to fulfil," he told Globo TV on Tuesday.

    He added that he was consulting the United States company that holds the rights to his brand name on whether he can take up the invitation from the Olympic organising committee.

    "As a Brazilian, I'd love to do it," said the 75-year-old, who helped his country win the World Cup three times

    and would be launching the Games in the stadium where he scored his 1,000th goal

    in 1969.

    Pele later told reporters that International Olympic Committee president

    Thomas Bach and head of

    the Brazilian committee Carlos Arthur Nuzman had asked him to light the pyre and that he would have an answer on Thursday.

    He added that he would have to cancel a trip

    organised by his sponsors.

    Pele, regarded as the greatest player of all time, played in four World Cups.

    He is the only player

    to have won it thrice: in 1958 in Sweden, in 1962 in Chile and in 1970 in Mexico.