Jul 08, 2015

    Micronesia lose by mega margin: 46-0


    MICRONESIA were humiliated 46-0 by Vanuatu yesterday in one of the most lopsided scores seen in football, with the Pacific nation urging Fifa to help them improve.

    The latest drubbing followed a 38-0 loss to Fiji and a 30-0 scoreline against Tahiti at the multi-event Pacific Games, meaning the Federated States of Micronesia shipped 114 goals in their three group matches.

    Micronesia's Australian coach Stan Foster admitted it was "boys against men" on the field, and called on Fifa to recognise the nation and give them a world ranking, which he said would open the door to technical assistance.

    "I'm hoping that Fifa will be coming (to Micronesia) next week for inspections and to, hopefully, affiliate us with Asia," he said.

    "If they do, that will lead to us having technical assistance and everything else that brings. That would be a huge boost."

    The half-time score was 24-0 and Vanuatu, ranked 200th in the world, did not let up after the break in humid conditions in Papua New Guinea, which is hosting the event.

    Vanuatu striker Jean Kaltack helped himself to 16 goals, rocketing to the top spot on the tournament scoring ladder.

    Organisers labelled it the biggest win in international football history, although it is unlikely to go in the record books with Micronesia not a Fifa member and it being an under-23 tournament.

    The record scoreline in a senior international was American Samoa's 31-0 loss to Australia in 2001.

    However, in a lesson for the young Micronesians, the Samoans ignored jibes about being the worst team in history and eventually recorded their first win against Tonga in 2011.

    There was some good news for Micronesia, as Pacific Games organisers assured them that they would be welcomed back when the event is next held in four years' time.