Apr 17, 2014

    Italy's coach: Behave or miss World Cup


    ITALY coach Cesare Prandelli has warned that players will not be considered for the World Cup if they are sent off or caught misbehaving in club matches before the end of the season.

    Prandelli, famous for his tough disciplinary stand against bad behaviour, was speaking to reporters as 42 World Cup hopefuls gathered for two days of fitness tests at Italy's national team headquarters outside Florence.

    "I faced the players and reminded them that the code of ethics will remain in force in the final month (before the World Cup)," said Prandelli.

    "Anyone who messes around will stay at home, because it will mean that they can't handle the pressure of a World Cup.

    "I'm sick and tired of seeing certain types of behaviour. National team players should have the strength to avoid rising to provocation."

    Italy face fellow former World Cup winners Uruguay and England plus Costa Rica in Group D at the Finals, which kicks off on June 12.