Go figure, Mourinho tells Pellegrini

WAR OF WORDS: Blues manager Mourinho shot back at City peer Pellegrini for saying that Chelsea spent the most in the last decade and in last month's transfer window.


    Feb 12, 2014

    Go figure, Mourinho tells Pellegrini


    CHELSEA manager Jose Mourinho has intensified his war of words with Manuel Pellegrini by questioning the Manchester City manager's sums.

    The Portuguese took the mind games to a new level on Monday, two days after the Blues went to the top of the English Premier League table with a 3-0 win over Newcastle United, one point ahead of Arsenal and two in front of City.

    Mourinho has said repeatedly that he views City's expensive squad as the title favourites, but Pellegrini recently pointed out that it is Chelsea who have spent the most money in the last decade and in last month's transfer window.

    "What I'd like to say is that, the other day, Pellegrini made some comments about the money we have spent," Mourinho told a news conference ahead of yesterday's visit to West Bromwich Albion.

    "I think he's a fantastic coach who I respect a lot and, on top of that, he's an engineer," added the Portuguese, referring to the fact that the City manager studied engineering at university.

    "I don't think an engineer needs a calculator to work out that we sold Juan Mata for £37 million (S$77 million) last month and Kevin de Bruyne for £18 million.

    "That's £55 million, more or less. We bought Nemanja Matic for £21 million and Mohamed Salah for £11 million. That's £55 million minus £32 million, so Chelsea in this transfer window are at £23 million plus.

    "It's easy to understand that we are working with Financial Fair Play...there are no arguments against that."

    Pellegrini has rarely engaged in verbal jousting since moving to City in the close season. But last week, the Chilean, who was mocked by Mourinho recently for miscalculating the number of points City needed to top their Champions League group, pointed out that Chelsea have been one of the biggest spenders in recent times, so they should accept the pressure of having to win trophies.

    "Maybe it is a small horse if the manager thinks like that. It can be a little horse, but very rich," Pellegrini said, referring to Mourinho's painting of Chelsea as the "little horse" in the league's three-horse title race.

    "This is the team that have spent the most money in the last 10 years, the team that spent the most money this year and the team that spent the most money in the transfer window. So, little - but rich."

    Mourinho, meanwhile, hinted that City were not operating within the Uefa Financial Fair Play guidelines.

    "This is what we are doing, others aren't doing the same," said the Chelsea manager. "We are building a team for the next decade if possible and City have a team to win now, because they don't have a team for 10 years."