Sep 21, 2016

    Everton can't pull off a Leicester, says Koeman


    EVERTON manager

    Ronald Koeman has nipped talk of their title chances in the bud, despite an unbeaten start to the season lifting them to second spot in the Premier League standings behind Manchester City.

    The Dutchman took over

    at Goodison Park from Roberto Martinez in June and his impact is apparent in Everton's new-found defensive resilience and improved work rate.

    Koeman, however, dismissed talk of the title as premature and unrealistic.

    "It's a good start but we know it is very early and

    there is a long way to go,"

    the manager told reporters.

    "I don't think we can do a Leicester. I am realistic.

    "If I tell you we will fight for the title, I think most people will tell you that man is crazy. Even when I mention that, it sounds crazy.

    "Why would we change our ambition and aspiration after 13 points from five games? The big teams have much more qualities and unless it is like it was last season, it will be impossible."