European football 'hard to watch': Aussie coach

NO VALUE FOR MONEY: Postecoglou says some of the action in the European leagues is nothing to shout about.


    Sep 21, 2016

    European football 'hard to watch': Aussie coach


    AUSTRALIA coach Ange Postecoglou is finding scouting his Socceroos a bit of a bore because of the poor quality of some of the football in the European leagues where they play.

    With only one player in the 23-man squad he named for two World Cup qualifiers yesterday based in Australia, he is forced to spend time on the road watching matches in Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Austria.

    It is an experience that sometimes compares highly unfavourably with Australia's A-League, he said.

    "Watch some football from Europe. It's hard to watch.

    "It's very poor in standard," the 51-year-old told a news conference yesterday.

    "I'm not just talking about the UK. I've just come back from Europe and I won't mention the clubs but I saw a couple of first-division games and I could have walked out at half-time."

    Postecoglou has long maintained that Australia have an unnecessary inferiority complex when it comes to football and has little time for those who think the Socceroos should count themselves lucky just to get to World Cups and the like.