May 10, 2016

    Despite terror risks, Euro 2016 has sold almost all 2.5m tickets


    FRANCE is launching the final countdown to the European Championship finals, where the star appeal of Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic risks being overshadowed by fears of a terrorist attack.

    Chief organiser Jacques Lambert told Agence France-Presse it was inevitable that Euro 2016 would be "a target" for militants but also insisted that it must be "a breath of fresh air" for a public weary of security threats.

    France was chosen in 2010 to host the event that for the first time will feature 24 teams, including world champions Germany and other top contenders like Belgium, Spain, Portugal and England.

    The presence of Portugal's Ronaldo, Ibrahimovic with Sweden, Thomas Mueller with Germany, Wales' Gareth Bale and Andres Iniesta with Spain has helped sell all but about 20,000 tickets of the 2.5 million for the 51 games.

    The competition starts at the Stade de France in Paris on June 10 with a Group A game between the hosts and Romania.

    The final is in the same stadium on July 10, when the most expensive tickets cost 895 euros (S$1,390).