Chances in doubt

TOUGH: Vettel, 26, may find the going rough if Red Bull can't fix the problems.


    Mar 13, 2014

    Chances in doubt

    SEBASTIAN Vettel ended the 2013 season with nine wins in a row but a 10th at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on Sunday already looks unlikely.

    Red Bull's engine partners Renault have been beset by testing issues and the constructors' champions have done far less mileage than Mercedes and Ferrari-powered rivals.

    Neither Vettel, 26, nor his teammate, Daniel Ricciardo, has done a full race simulation so far.

    Vettel's chances depend on how quickly Red Bull can fix the problems. Last year, they had a slow start but then stormed through the second half of the season to win for a fourth time. So write them off at your own peril.

    Vettel will have to shoulder an even greater burden this year, following the departure of Australian veteran Mark Webber. Ricciardo is quick but has far less experience.