British papers gush over dream that comes true

AGAINST THE ODDS: Masterminded by the wily Ranieri, the team had players that no other club wanted at the start of the season, noted one newspaper.


    May 04, 2016

    British papers gush over dream that comes true


    BRITAIN'S broadsheets and red tops displayed an uncustomary blue yesterday, the team colours of Leicester City, the club whose improbable success in winning the Premier League was hailed as a miracle.

    The outsiders bounced back from near relegation last season to league champions in an achievement hailed as unprecedented.

    "Leicester City: Kings of England" read the front page of the Guardian, with a portrait of Richard III, the king whose skeleton was discovered in a carpark in 2012 and whose reburial in Leicester cathedral is believed by some to have brought the city luck.

    Many newspapers referred to the fact that before the team's ascent, bookmakers had, at one time, offered to pay out £5,000 (S$9,880) for every £1 bet that Leicester would win the title.

    The Daily Telegraph's sport supplement printed a giant blue Leicester crest and a cheering team manager Claudio Ranieri, with the words "How Leicester's 5000-1 title dream turned into astonishing reality".

    "All this has been achieved by a team of cast-offs, misfits and journeymen. No one else wanted Leicester's players; if they had, these players would not have been at Leicester," wrote Alex Massie in Time magazine.

    "Even if reality returns with a vengeance next season and English football is once again dominated by the biggest battalions, no one will ever forget these little Foxes.

    "They have rewritten the rulebook and, in the process, reminded us all of what sport is really all about."