Sep 15, 2014

    Workshops help jobseekers land jobs

    WHEN Jane (not her real name) was just four years old, she fell victim to poliomyelitis, the disease that impedes a person's breathing and may also result in paralysis of certain body parts.

    As the disease was new to Singapore at that time - six decades ago - doctors could do little to help her.

    As an adult, her confidence took a downward spiral and she was finally forced her to quit her job. However, the 63-year-old turned to SG Enable for help recently to re-enter the workforce. She enrolled in the Work Preparatory series of workshops, which equipped her with skills in three main areas: job preparation, job sourcing and job interview.

    At the workshop, it was revealed that Jane had managed to accumulate a high level of experience in administrative and clerical jobs over the span of more than 20 years. Her condition was not the only challenge that she had to overcome, though her age meant finding a job was harder than for many other people.

    She was taught to adjust her expectations accordingly so that more opportunities would be available to her in her preferred vocation. This meant accepting lower pay and longer working hours, and perhaps a new environment.

    This enabled Jane to take the first step towards readying herself for future challenges, and she was soon able to start sourcing for jobs. Her diligence and the career coach's recommendations enabled her to secure a job as a health-care administration assistant.

    Even though the new job had her commuting for more than two hours each day, she showed a positive attitude, reasoning that the travelling time was a minor hindrance to a good opportunity.

    She said: "I admit the travelling distance is long, but I am willing to give this career a shot... I am glad they accepted me as I am 63 already."

    Another person who turned to SG Enable for help is Kelvin, who is visually impaired. The 21-year-old approached SG Enable as his opportunities were limited by his condition.

    Through the Work Preparatory Series workshops, he realised that having a positive attitude was the first step towards attracting employers. The turning point came when he told the SG Enable career coach that he was willing to try his hand at any job that could give him a valuable learning experience.

    He kept his options open, considering even jobs that presented inconveniences such as irregular work hours. His efforts and positive attitude paid off as he managed to land a job as a sales executive in fashion retail shortly after the workshop.

    For more information on SGEnable, call its hotline on 1800-8585-885, e-mail contactus@sgenable.sg or visit the website: https://www.sgenable.sg/