Women, get that TCM boost

FIND BALANCE: In addition to leading a healthy lifestyle, a woman can take TCM supplements to replenish her qi.


    Jul 30, 2014

    Women, get that TCM boost

    ACCORDING to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), a woman starts showing signs of ageing in her late 20s.

    Her qi, or vital energy essential to the flow of blood in her body, is affected by various factors including stress, late nights, a poor diet and pregnancy.

    Such factors decrease the qi in her blood flow, possibly resulting in fatigue, a pale or dull complexion, dizziness and even hair loss. Those who suffer from qi deficiency may even experience delayed menstruation.

    According to Joanna Liew, a TCM practitioner at Bao Zhong Tang, good health comes when a person's qi and blood are in a state of balance.

    "If either factor falls out of balance, (like a deficiency in blood) illnesses might occur," she explained.

    She suggested that women could do several things to revitalise their qi, one of which is to maintain a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise. Exercise enhances the flow of qi, which in turn improves the blood circulation.

    Eating food that is high in protein - such as milk, eggs, fish, black beans or black sesame - nourishes one's organs, which could in turn aid in the production of qi and blood.

    Ms Liew also recommends sleeping at 11pm every night, as the body goes through its natural detoxification at this time.

    Avoiding negative emotions such as anger can also benefit one's health, she added.

    In addition to leading a healthier lifestyle, a woman can also take TCM supplements to replenish her qi.

    The Chinese herb Angelica sinensis - known as danggui - is often referred to as women's ginseng because of its blood-nourishing properties.

    Another herb, Radix codonopsis, or dangshen, supports the health of the spleen and lungs.

    Ginseng and astragalus root are often used to improve one's qi and can help to relieve fatigue.

    Other TCM formulas, such as Eight Treasures Soup and Wu Ji Bai Feng Pills, are commonly used to nourish qi and blood, and to improve a woman's vitality.

    Nourish yourself and be rewarded with better health.

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