Uplift your spirits with essential oils

TAKE YOUR PICK: Lemongrass House has more than 50 essential-oil scents.
Uplift your spirits with essential oils

EASY: Add five drops of essential oil to a burner and place a lit candle underneath.
Uplift your spirits with essential oils

STYLISH: Lemongrass House's reed diffusers are an alternative to burning essential oils.


    Jul 30, 2014

    Uplift your spirits with essential oils

    AFTER a long day at work, one wants nothing more than to relax and unwind at home. Therefore, your home environment is key to a peaceful state of mind.

    Take small but effective steps to create the ideal home environment for relaxation with essential oils from Lemongrass House Singapore.

    Founded by former Hollywood film executive Bobby Duchowny, Lemongrass House products are hand-blended by their "mixologists".

    Lemongrass House is deeply committed to the environment, and its all-natural range of products does not use parabens, sulphates, dyes or perfumes. It does not test its products on animals.

    Made from the highly concentrated extracts of plants, flowers, trees, leaves and roots, these essential oils can come in blended or pure forms.

    Be spoilt for choice with more than 50 essential-oil scents to choose from, including blue chamomile, eucalyptus and lavender.

    Essential oils can be integrated into your daily routine easily.

    Simply add five drops of essential oil to a burner and place a lit candle underneath.

    As the essential oil evaporates into steam, its aroma will diffuse throughout the room. Place the burner in an enclosed space for a stronger effect.

    When you head to the gym, drip a few drops of Lemongrass essential oil onto a piece of cotton ball and throw it in with your gear to keep your gym bag smelling fresh.

    Keep your clothes scented with your favourite essential oil by dripping it onto a piece of cotton wool and placing the cotton wool into the dryer with your clothes.

    Add a few drops of rosemary or eucalyptus essential oil to a fragrance-free dish-washing liquid to leave your cutlery smelling clean and fresh.

    Besides essential oils, Lemongrass House offers stylish reed diffusers that come with their own oils, as an alternative to burners. Simply place the reed sticks into the oil for the aroma to diffuse.

    If you have trouble sleeping, Lemongrass House's Peaceful Sleep reed diffuser is perfect for your bedside table, as the fragrance is meant to soothe you.

    If you are holding a party, perk your guests up with a lemongrass or eucalyptus reed diffuser strategically placed among them.

    Lemongrass House essential oils cost $24.61 for a 10ml bottle. Reed diffusers cost $37.45 for a 120ml bottle.

    Lemongrass House has three retail outlets in Singapore. They are located at Raffles City, 112 Katong and Tampines Mall.

    For more information, visit www.lemongrasshouse.com.sg