Upgrade before opportunities knock

BRAND NEW: Potential learners can look forward to attending classes at the Kaplan Professional centre located in the new CET (Continuing Education and Training) West campus in Jurong, to be ready by year end.


    Oct 01, 2013

    Upgrade before opportunities knock

    Written By Gwendolyn Ng

    SOME people may have all the luck when it comes to snagging promotions at work. But there's more to luck in climbing the corporate ladder.

    As Roman philosopher Seneca put it, "luck is when opportunity meets preparation".

    Take it from Ms Rexanna Kok, vice-president of Kaplan Professional, a learning institute with over 15 years of providing professional training under its belt. She believes that professionals need to ensure their skills are always "up-to-date" to be ready for that promotion opportunity.

    "They don't realise that upgrading is necessary for them to move up to the next level of their career," she said, adding that sprucing up one's skill sets would also help one perform well in the new duties after receiving that promotion.

    One way of getting a leg up at work is by partnering with Kaplan Professional, which offers a broad spectrum of training courses, ranging from leadership, management, service to human resources.

    Kaplan Professional has experts - business-development managers and learning and development specialists - to help potential learners find a course that caters to their needs.

    Said Ms Kok: "We talk to individuals to determine their career goals and needs before we recommend suitable courses."

    Kaplan Professional is part of Kaplan Singapore, voted the Most Preferred Private Education Institution for a Professional Certification/ Personal Development Courses/ Corporate Workshops for three years running since 2010, according to surveys by online portal JobsCentral.

    Said Ms Kok: "We have many success stories of course participants who saw advancement in their career after completing a course - from a bigger role at work to a promotion after a couple of months."

    For example, staff from NOK Asia, a Japanese manufacturing company, picked up better communication skills after they completed an Effective Workplace Communication module, under the Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) framework. There were also other positive effects, such as better project management and an increase in customer satisfaction.

    Ms Kok said: "Soft skills, such as communication, have grown in importance in today's workplace as most employees work in teams."

    Kaplan Professional is accredited as a Continuing Education and Training (CET) Centre to provide WSQ courses. The WSQ framework is a nationally recognised skill-certification system by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency.

    Kaplan Professional offers courses from six WSQ frameworks, including the new Leadership and People Management, and Service Excellence frameworks.

    Potential learners can look forward to attending classes at the Kaplan Professional centre located in the new CET West campus, called the Devan Nair Institute for Employment and Employability.

    The institute in Jurong, slated to open by year end, will be a one-stop hub for employers and employees to access training resources. The Jurong location is in addition to Kaplan's East Campus in Paya Lebar Central.

    For more information on Kaplan Professional, visit www.kaplan.com.sg/professional

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