Treat your hair to a nourishing wash

COLOUR ME BEAUTIFUL: Keranove's Oleo Color product is ammonia- and odour-free. It contains an "Oleo-Keratin" base which helps to prevent hair dryness and provides a lasting hair dye colour.


    Jun 25, 2014

    Treat your hair to a nourishing wash

    WANT glossy and healthy-looking hair?

    Keranove Laboratories has a wide range of products made in France for hair and scalp care that uses natural ingredients free of paraben preservatives.

    Its products, containing "dermo-keratyl" complex, which is rich in trace elements, could help to improve one's hair and scalp appearance.

    To help repair dry and damaged hair, Keranove uses mango concentrate in its shampoo and conditioner. The ingredient is rich in protein and lipids to hydrate and repair hair effectively.

    There are also products for people with dry and oily dandruff.

    Shampoo and treatment products for dry dandruff have properties which could encourage secretion of oils to reduce scalp dryness and itching.

    As for oily dandruff, there are shampoos which cleanse the scalp and could reduce the secretion of oils on the scalp and limit dandruff.

    Keranove is a brand that has been sold in pharmacies and hair salons since 1966. The products sold exclusively at Watsons stores are distributed solely by Fusion Cosmetics.

    The hair and scalp-care brand also has an Oleo Color product for colouring hair. The ammonia- and odour-free product contains an "Oleo-Keratin" base.

    This base, while helping to prevent hair dryness, provides a lasting hair dye colour.

    Available in nine shades, the product, priced at $24.90, is sold at all Beauty by Nature outlets and selected stores of John Little, Robinsons and Watsons.