Travel insurance claim is smooth sailing for her

SATISFIED CLIENT: Ms Tan discovered that her bag had been damaged after a trip to China. As she had bought travel insurance with HL Assurance, she made a claim for the bag and was impressed by the firm's efficiency. PHOTO: ZINKIE AW


    Oct 29, 2014

    Travel insurance claim is smooth sailing for her

    RETURNING to Singapore from a trip to Taiwan earlier this year, financial analyst Tan Mean Huay was dismayed to find that her luggage had been badly damaged.

    She had not purchased travel insurance, and when attempting to make a claim through the airline, found that the process was "more trouble than it was worth".

    "They asked me to look for my own repairer and get a quote on how much it would cost to be fixed," Ms Tan, 29, recalled.

    "If the damage was irreparable, I'd have to get a letter from the repairer saying so…very troublesome."

    Since then, she has learnt her lesson, so when a similar incident occurred after a family vacation in China last month, she was prepared.

    "When we arrived at Changi Airport, we proceeded to the baggage claim area.

    "I found my bag, but it was damaged. The handle was broken and the front cover was spoilt as well," she said.

    Luckily, before embarking on the nine-day trip to Xiamen and Jieyang, she had bought travel insurance with HL Assurance - a newcomer to the insurance industry here - for herself, her husband and her parents.

    HL Assurance, a member of the Hong Leong Group, aims to provide hassle-free and reasonably-priced policies through its "direct buying" method - by cutting out the middleman.

    Ms Tan explained: "I'm a very price-sensitive person, so prior to going on a trip, I did a few online comparisons of different insurance firms before I committed to my purchase.

    "HL Assurance offered the most competitive price, along with excellent coverage and even better customer service."

    For Ms Tan, who spent under $90 on insurance coverage for herself and her family, the speed and efficiency with which the firm processed her claim was "really beyond my expectations".

    "The company actually came back to me with a response just one day after my claims submission," she noted.

    "I feel they actually listen to the customer and that, to them, the customer is of the utmost priority."

    The process of making a claim for her damaged luggage was a breeze, she said.

    First, she called HL Assurance's claims hotline, where a staff member of its dedicated call centre quickly retrieved her policy information using her name and identification number.

    After explaining her situation, Ms Tan was sent a claims form via e-mail.

    "As I'd already spoken to them via phone, some of the fields like the policy number and my basic information was already filled out, saving me time," she said.

    "I just had to submit the basic supporting documents I had on hand, like photos of the damaged bag and a copy of my passport and boarding pass."

    The day after submitting the claims form, she received an e-mail message stating the settlement amount, which she found reasonable.

    Just a few days later, after she had accepted the terms of the settlement, the cheque arrived in the mail.

    She said: "The service was really above and beyond normal. At each point of contact, I found the staff friendly and helpful.

    "The whole experience was so smooth sailing."