Tourism diploma paves the way for her

PROUD TO SERVE: Customer-service officer Poh says her 12-month, part-time Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management at PSB Academy has helped her in her work.


    Sep 11, 2014

    Tourism diploma paves the way for her

    EMILY Poh wanted to get a diploma, but because she had already started working, she knew she could not leave her job to further her studies.

    She wanted to do a part-time course that would help her enter the tourism sector and decided to enrol with PSB Academy.

    "Even though PSB Academy is a private institution, it is a widely known and recognised school," said the 24-year-old customer-service officer.

    She decided to take up a 12-month, part-time Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management last year.

    "Even though it was tiring, having to rush to school after a long day at work, I managed to fully utilise my day and night, juggling work and studies," she said.

    Ms Poh surprised herself by pursuing the diploma, as she had not considered it previously.

    It did not cross her mind to further her education after she finished her studies at the Institute of Technical Education. Her first priority had been to work to gain experience.

    She took on several jobs that exposed her to customer service, a field she came to love.

    While pursuing her diploma, she realised that what she learnt in class - which went beyond the books - could help her in her work.

    "We had discussions on case studies and worked on projects. We discussed what we thought was important in tourism and what could be improved," she said.

    For her, one of the best aspects of her course of study was the lecturers she got to meet, whom she said were approachable and engaging.

    Ms Poh believes there are opportunities for others in the tourism industry too.

    "The industry is one of the most vibrant and is ever-changing," she said.

    "It's always in need of more service providers and there will be no lack of job opportunities or job satisfaction from providing customer service."