Tone up with Aibi

SHAPE UP: The Aibi Slendertone Bottom Toner can be worn underneath the user's clothes. It uses advanced toning technology to help lift, shape and firm up the bottom.


    Mar 18, 2014

    Tone up with Aibi

    MENTION Aibi, and the name is likely to conjure images of high-quality and affordable beauty and fitness equipment.

    From massagers to treadmills, Aibi, a leading supplier in the fitness industry, offers an extensive range of exercise equipment for both professional and home gyms - all you need to stay in the pink of health.

    Those looking to get rid of flab and tone up can give Aibi Slendertone products a try. It is one of the renowned product brands Aibi carries.

    Along with a healthy lifestyle - one that constitutes eating well and exercising - these toning products will have you looking and feeling good inside and out.



    This abs belt offers targeted muscle toning to help users burn excess fat, and is said to be able to give users toned and stronger abs in just four weeks.

    To stimulate all the abdominal muscles, Slendertone Abs activates the core muscles which are essential for one's core stability and posture.

    The belt features an intelligent training system that provides an automatic levelling-up for programmes, alongside built-in warm-up and cool-down phases which help to ensure correct muscle usage. It can be used on its own, or while doing physical activity.

    Users can benefit from its 10 programmes that come with progressive levels of intensity to suit the needs of different individuals. The sports professional crunch programmes, for instance, provide the ultimate abs workout.

    Independent clinical trials have found that 100 per cent of users reported abs that were firmer and more toned.



    This product, which can be conveniently worn underneath the user's clothes, uses advanced toning technology to help lift, shape and firm up the bottom.

    Its 30-day toning plan, accompanied by 100 levels of intensity across four programmes, helps to develop and strengthen muscles in the glutes.

    Like Slendertone Abs, the toner is equipped with an intelligent training system as well as built-in warm-up and cool-down phases.

    Independent clinical trials have shown that, in conjunction with a normal, healthy diet, nine out of 10 users reported an improvement in shape. Seven out of 10 said they have a more well-defined bottom.

    Slendertone products are available at all Aibi showrooms. Aibi is the exclusive distributor for Slendertone products in the region which are certified to medical safety standards here. Counterfeit products may pose risks to users' health.

    For more information, call 6376-9717, 6338-8922, 6339-0556, or visit www.aibifitness.com and www.aibistyle.com