Oct 29, 2013

    Tasty, authentic curries in a jar

    YOU could say that Ayam Brand is a Singapore institution.

    Indeed, many Singaporeans have grown up eating the brand's familiar canned sardines and tuna. After all, the brand is synonymous with down-home comfort food since its establishment in 1892.

    Now, in keeping with its reputation as a heritage brand, the company has recently made it easier to prepare a local favourite: curry.

    Even better, Ayam Brand has given its range of curry paste a healthy twist.

    Available in five flavours, namely Laksa, Nyonya Curry, Red Curry, Green Curry and Rendang, the instant pastes are made from 100 per cent natural ingredients, with no added monosodium glutamate or preservatives.

    It is also trans fat- and cholesterol-free.

    The product has been awarded the Health Promotion Board's Healthier Choice symbol.

    It's the ideal meal option for busy executives who don't have much time to spend in the kitchen after a long day at work, or for those who love curry but simply do not know how to prepare the dish.

    Popular dishes like laksa prawn noodles (see sidebar) and beef rendang can be whipped up in a matter of minutes.

    Perhaps most importantly, Ayam Brand's curry-paste recipes retain that authentic flavour - it's almost as good as cooking a curry from scratch.

    Ayam Brand curries are available at all leading supermarkets and provision stores islandwide at $2.50 per 185g jar.