Stylish  Babe  in a class of her own

AN 'EMOTIONAL' DRESSER: Ms Mihika Shankar chooses her clothes based on how she feels and who she's out with.


    Jun 07, 2013

    Stylish Babe in a class of her own


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    ASK Ms Shankar about her style icon, and she picks a woman who has long stood for elegance - Audrey Hepburn.

    And like Hepburn, Ms Shankar is one classy babe. When you meet her, you immediately get the sense that she is comfortable in her own skin.

    That confidence is a head-turner - while My Paper snapped shots of Ms Shankar at *Scape Youth Park for this feature, people stopped to stare at the raven-haired lass.

    Asked about her style choices, and she said: "I'm an emotional dresser. If I'm feeling flamboyant, I will dare to wear colours like turquoise, lemon yellow and bright magenta.

    "If it's a quiet dinner date, I like to go classic. So, it really depends on how I feel and who I'm out with."

    One thing Ms Shankar believes in is always being "well-groomed and presentable" in every way.

    "If you have chipped nails, unbrushed hair and a grumpy demeanour, the whole essence (of looking well-turned-out) is lost. Being comfy doesn't cut it, either - sweatpants are comfy, but they are not stylish."

    Sales are a boon to her wardrobe.

    "I shop twice a year - at the mid-year and year-end sales. It takes me through the year perfectly. I spend about $300 at each sale," she said.

    During the Great Singapore Sale (GSS), the stores she likes to frequent include Cotton On, Fond and Charles & Keith.

    "I appreciate the fit of their items because they cater to tall women like me," said Ms Shankar, who stands at 1.73m.

    According to her, the three essentials every stylish woman should own are "a good pair of pumps stashed under her desk at work, a bottle of fragrance in her purse and a well-fitting black skirt in her wardrobe".

    How about adding those to your GSS must-buy list?