Oct 08, 2014

    Study at home with foreign varsities

    MANY are intrigued by the idea of studying overseas, but few appreciate the issues involved, such as the financial costs and being away from family.

    All things considered, it is sometimes better just to stick to home.

    TEG International College offers a compromise. You can study a foreign curriculum and have a campus experience while being in Singapore.

    TEG has partnerships with British institutions such as the Sunderland, Glyndwr and York St John universities.

    These universities offer a variety of graduate and postgraduate courses.

    Their representatives visit TEG regularly to meet students and the faculty.

    Everything - from notes to books, study packs and examination timetables - is the same as it is at the main campuses.

    Established in Singapore in 1991, TEG strives for academic excellence.

    Its Bugis campus is near the National Library, which acts as a catalyst in students' learning experience.

    The state-of-the-art facilities at TEG's campus include seven classrooms, an electronic laboratory, a computer laboratory, a student resource centre, a library and a video-conferencing room.

    For more information on TEG and what it can offer, call 6334-0004 or e-mail enquiries@teg.edu.sg