Stay youthful... let your skin breathe

STOP TIME: bluunis' Time Exception Oxyrapy, which uses Oxynergy Paris products, is said to improve cellular oxygenation and replenish skin moisture.


    Dec 17, 2013

    Stay youthful... let your skin breathe

    AS AGE catches up, it is inevitable that a wrinkle or two will leave marks on a once-youthful face.

    While there is no escaping the natural process of ageing, its onset can be delayed.

    Ladies might want to pay special attention, as the odds are stacked against them biologically.

    According to a 2009 study in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, women develop more wrinkles and deeper lines than men.

    This is because they have fewer sweat and sebaceous glands, fewer blood vessels, and a different muscle structure.

    Those looking for solutions to ageing-related skin problems can check out beauty specialist bluunis at Plaza Singapura.

    bluunis, which was set up in 1997, offers a range of luxurious facial-, body- and bust-wellness services.

    Oxyrapy, offered exclusively at bluunis, is a series of treatments formulated to reduce signs of ageing by supplying a concentrated level of oxygen to the skin.

    Our skin's oxygen intake is said to start declining at the age of 25, and is reduced by half by the time we hit 50.

    Depletion of oxygen leads to poor cell respiration, which in turn causes dehydration, dull complexion, uneven skin tones and premature ageing of the skin.

    By supplying oxygen to the skin, Oxyrapy boosts cell regeneration, and reduces wrinkles. It also improves skin elasticity and lightens skin tones.

    The treatments, which hail from France, are suitable for all skin types - be it normal, ageing, highly pigmented, dehydrated or hypersensitive skins.

    There are six Oxyrapy treatments: Time Exception, White Exception, Lift BTX, Hyaluronic Acid, GS Peel and Soothing.

    Time Exception Oxyrapy, with active ingredients such as vitamin C and E, and sunflower wax, is said to improve cellular oxygenation and replenish skin moisture.

    For those who want to brighten their skin and reduce facial dark spots, give White Exception Oxyrapy a try. Its bearberry and liquorice extracts eliminate dead cells and impurities, alleviating redness in sensitive skin.

    bluunis will open a second outlet here in March.

    For more information, call 6336-6331 or 6336-3684. Alternatively you can visit www.bluunis.com