Speedy, fuss-free haircuts at FaSS

A CUT ABOVE THE REST: Need a quick snip? Check out FaSS, a hair salon chain from Tokyo which offers 20-minute haircuts and styling services.


    Mar 18, 2014

    Speedy, fuss-free haircuts at FaSS

    MANY busy working adults would know this problem only too well: You get off work on time, and call up your hairstylist for an appointment - only to be turned away because his schedule is already full.

    Your weekends, however, are often too precious to be spent at the salon.

    Time can seem perennially inadequate, even when it comes down to the simple task of personal grooming.

    Enter FaSS, a hair salon chain from Tokyo which offers speedy, 20-minute haircuts and styling services.

    While its range of services is simple, FaSS prides itself on being fuss-free - the salon chain does not take appointments, and customers can conveniently drop by in between working hours, on their way home, or in the middle of some shopping.

    Its outlets are open from 11am till 9pm (Monday to Thursday) and from 11am till 9.30pm (Fridays, weekends and public holidays).

    Its philosophy is encapsulated in its name, FaSS, which means "Fast Salon for Slow life".

    "In Singapore, there are many people who need to manage their jobs and families at the same time," said a FaSS spokesman.

    "Our concept aims to help them manage their time. With more personal time on their hands, our customers can take greater charge of their life."

    Led by a team of stylists who are trained by a Japanese hairstylist, FaSS offers professional services in a stress-free, homely setting, with wooden interiors that match that of a cottage home.

    Haircuts and styling services are priced reasonably, at $28 for women and $24 for men - with no hidden costs - or $18 if only casual styling services are required.

    All students (including tertiary) enjoy a special price of $22, while children (six to 11 years old) can get their hair cut for just $20. Fringe cuts are also available at $12.

    Customers who present a cutout of this article at any FaSS outlet will enjoy a 20 per cent discount off their haircut.

    FaSS is located at Jem, 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #04-09, and Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #03-64.