Dec 12, 2014

    Soothe your eyes with the right lights

    DO YOUR eyes sometimes feel tired or do you experience eye discomfort even when you are indoors?

    This may be due to the glare from direct light such as sunlight or artificial light from lamps.

    It is not often obvious that glare from lamps can affect the eyes, but long-term exposure to glare may lead to insomnia, restlessness and astigmatism.

    While we cannot control lighting outdoors, we can ensure that the right lamps are used in our homes.

    One way to reduce glare is to install lamps that use reflective-lit technology.

    Reflective-lit technology produces glare-free lighting that is comfortable to the eyes.

    LoveWing Classic, the latest reflective-lit LED product from Taiwan company Epoch Lighting, is designed to replace conventional lighting fixtures that use fluorescent tubes.

    Unirange Trading is the exclusive distributor for Epoch Lighting in Singapore.

    The LoveWing unit has a wing-like shape, which ensures its soft, bright light bounces off the ceiling and illuminates a wide area evenly.

    Its aluminium base fitting makes it a good conductor of heat from the LED and has a built-in compartment which houses a replaceable LED driver, making maintenance easy.

    LoveWing is also energy efficient and is available in three colours: Cool White, Natural White and Warm White.

    LoveWing is recommended for indoor areas such as the living room, kitchen or retail stores. It can be mounted on concrete or false ceilings.

    The LoveWing Classic model won the Innovation Award at the International Lighting Show 2014 in Taiwan.

    The LoveWing Modern, a suspended version, and LoveWing Wall Light, for mounting on the wall, are suitable for offices and homes.

    LoveWing is made in Taiwan by Epoch Chemtronics and is a patented product.


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