Soothe stressed-out skin at Eros Beauty

STRESSED? Combat the effects of stress on skin by going for a facial. Find great deals at Eros Beauty.


    Jun 25, 2013

    Soothe stressed-out skin at Eros Beauty

    WHEN someone is feeling stressed, anxious or tired, it shows on their skin.

    Dr Sue Mayou, a consultant dermatologist at the Lister Hospital in London, told British newspaper Daily Mail that "during times of stress, skin can become more prone to outbreaks, especially people who spend long periods of time behind a desk, who are constantly touching their face with their hands and picking up the telephone".

    An easy way to combat this is to treat yourself to a facial.

    Eros Beauty has a special offer for its Phytocell Deluxe treatment. The 100-minute facial, which normally costs $298, is going for $28.

    The treatment packs a punch, thanks to the application of four serums - a sebum-control serum, a vitamin-C serum, a repair serum and a hyaluronic serum. They help stimulate collagen production to brighten skin and reduce wrinkles.

    Two masks are used - one for exfoliation and one for anti-ageing and repair.

    The masks exfoliate and deliver antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients to the skin.

    Red-algae extract is an ingredient found in the slew of potions used in the treatment. The extract helps improve skin hydration, tone and smoothness.

    Other ingredients include chamomile extract, vitamin E, lavender extract and grape seed.

    According to a spokesman for Eros Beauty, all products used in the treatment are derived from plants and fruit.

    The end result? Fresh, bright and supple skin.

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