Sep 24, 2014

    Soothe itchy skin with bubble showers

    ECZEMA is a skin condition that can affect all age groups and both sexes. It results in dry, inflamed and very itchy skin, and can cause sufferers to keep scratching affected areas, leading to blisters and even bleeding.

    Although it is neither life-threatening nor contagious, eczema can affect a person's well-being and disrupt his social life.

    According to the Singapore General Hospital, one out of five people in Singapore suffers from eczema, which has no known cure.

    Recent studies have suggested that most eczema patients have a protein mutation in their skin, which results in the weakening of its natural protective barrier.

    Bacteria and irritants may penetrate the skin, causing itching and rashes. Patients also tend to have less fat in their skin, causing it to be drier than normal.

    With the SEC Shower Converter, those prone to skin flare-ups can soothe their skin problem simply by showering.

    SEC Shower Converters use SEC's Miraventurim technology to convert ordinary water into a concentrated stream of ultra-tiny air and oxygen bubbles that are five to 10 times smaller than skin pores.

    Due to their size, SEC bubbles are able to penetrate skin follicles to remove dead skin cells and bacteria, potentially cleansing skin more thoroughly than ordinary tap water.

    Apart from keeping the skin hydrated and moisturised, SEC bubbles could help to improve skin health.

    The SEC Shower Converter consists of two parts: the SEC MOI Converter, which is the showerhead that generates the ultra-tiny bubbles, and the SEC Shower System, which is designed to increase the amount of SEC bubbles.

    The SEC Shower System has been clinically tested to enhance the skin's barrier by DermaPro Skin and Research Centre in South Korea.

    Its studies show that eczema symptoms, particularly itching, lessen after two to four weeks of use.

    Prices of SEC Shower Converters start from $399. For more information, call 6659-7890 or visit www.seclifestyle.com.sg