Soothe itchy skin with bubble power

GET RELIEF: Those prone to skin rashes could use the SEC Shower Converter.


    Dec 17, 2014

    Soothe itchy skin with bubble power

    PEOPLE suffering from skin conditions may have to put up with dry skin and rashes.

    For some of these conditions, using a mild soap and moisturising often can help.

    Those prone to skin rashes can also soothe their skin by stepping into the shower with the SEC Shower Converter.

    The SEC Shower Converter uses a proprietary miraventurim technology that converts water into a concentrated stream of tiny air bubbles - called SEC bubbles - that are five to 10 times smaller than skin pores.

    Because of their minute size, these bubbles can penetrate skin follicles to help eliminate bacteria, remove dead skin cells and skin waste, as well as deliver more oxygen to keep the skin hydrated.

    The SEC Shower Converter comprises two products, the SEC Miraventurim-Optimum Indicator Converter, which is a specialised showerhead that instantly generates SEC bubbles; and the SEC Shower System, which is designed to provide an increased amount of SEC bubbles and help one get more luxurious-feeling skin.

    Prices for the SEC Shower Converters begin from $399.

    SEC Lifestyle will be organising its last open house for the year on Saturday.

    It will be held at 1 Pemimpin Drive, #07-09, One Pemimpin, from 9am to 3pm. To register, call 6659-7890.

    The first 80 callers will receive a $100 discount voucher for the SEC Shower System.

    An additional $200 discount can be redeemed using the cut-out coupon on this page.

    For more information, visit www.seclifestyle.com.sg