Shower your way to glowing skin

UNIQUE: The SEC Shower System converts water into SEC bubbles, which are five to 10 times smaller than your pore


    May 28, 2014

    Shower your way to glowing skin

    FORTY might be the new 30 in terms of ageing these days. But sadly, this positive frame of mind is of no help to your skin, which starts to age once you hit your mid-20s.

    This is when you start to experience tightness, dryness and even itching, and fine lines and wrinkles start to appear.

    This happens because as you grow older, your skin slowly loses its ability to moisturise itself and to retain moisture.

    The ageing of the skin is also aggravated by the use of harsh soaps, frequent bathing and certain medical conditions.

    Instead of having to slap on thick layers of lotion, SEC has come up with a solution to allow you to maintain the vitality of your skin just by showering.

    Without drugs or chemicals, the SEC Shower System converts ordinary water into SEC bubbles, which are five to 10 times smaller than your pores.

    The difference? The bubbles are so tiny that they can permeate deep into your pores to deliver a greater amount of oxygen to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised.

    This will also leave you with a brighter complexion as oil deposits, bacteria and dead skin cells are removed.

    Having unclogged pores also helps you defy ageing as it means your favourite lotions and serums are better absorbed.

    A clinical assessment was conducted recently at the DermaPro Skin and Research Centre in South Korea, where participants had to bathe twice daily using the SEC Shower System.

    The clinical results after four weeks showed that the participants' ability to retain moisture in their skin was enhanced by more than 32 per cent.

    Those with dry skin showed improvement of between 56 and 67 per cent.

    "The earlier we start on anti-ageing treatments (from the mid-20s), the better our skin is nourished and taken care of," said a spokesman from SEC International, the company that developed the product.

    The advantage of a shower system, he said, is that, sometimes, we "may forget or become too lazy to apply anti-ageing products. But we never forget to shower every day".

    Prices of SEC shower converters start from $399 and can be purchased at Takashimaya or at SEC International at 1, Pemimpin Drive, #07-09 S(576151).

    For more information, call 6659-7890 or visit www.seclifestyle.com.sg