She's a  woman  on a  mission

GO-GETTER: Like most mums, Ms Lim has learnt to be practical and resourceful - and that will be her mantra when shopping during the GSS.


    Jun 07, 2013

    She's a woman on a mission


    Director at Singapore Management University's Institute of Service Excellence (Ises)

    SHE has made great strides in her career, but Ms Lim will tell you that she is first and foremost a mother.

    She exudes pride when she talks about her three children, aged four, 11 and 15.

    Independent and sensible is how she describes her elder daughter. The middle child has grown into a kind and sensitive young man, while her younger daughter is smart and knows how to fend for herself.

    Like most mums, she has learnt to be practical and resourceful - and that will be her mantra when shopping during the Great Singapore Sale (GSS). To her, the big sale means she can buy the things she has always wanted at steep discounts.

    "I usually spend on technological items, such as computers," she said. Sales anywhere in the world give her a reason to shop, she said.

    Even when she goes abroad, she looks for discounts.

    She counts a pair of black Camper shoes - which she sported for our photo shoot with her - as a good buy. She got them in Barcelona, snagging them at about $160, down from $200.

    "I have to stand a lot when I conduct workshops and classes. These shoes provide maximum comfort," she said.

    When it comes to clothes, she looks for items with "form and function".

    One person she takes advice from when it comes to shopping is her Ises co-director, Mr Marcus Lee, 43.

    "Like Caroline, functionality is very important to me," he said.

    "We travel regularly for work, and have found that Milan is a good place to source for quality items."

    One of them is the Prada credit-card holder which Mr Lee bought at a summer sale last July, during a business trip with Ms Lim.

    "It is a stylish and masculine piece. Besides...credit cards, it holds my name cards," he said.