May 28, 2014

    Say No! to acne with pimple buster

    WITHOUT a doubt, pimples are the bane of most teenagers' existence. Acne even affects some well into adulthood, leaving them to feel self-conscious about the ugly red bumps.

    Pimples also take a long time to heal and sometimes leads to permanent scarring.

    But now, for the first time, you can make those pesky spots disappear in no time with the No! No! Skin Acne Treatment System.

    The device, which is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration, uses light and heat to gently remove acne.

    Just keep the device on your pimple, wait 10 seconds and remove after you hear two beeps.

    It is similar to the Light & Heat (LHE) technology which has been used by dermatologists for years.

    The difference is that you now have access to the same technology without having to pay the dermatologist for every single treatment and it can also be used in the comfort of your own home.

    How it works: The device will emit pulses of green light, red light and heat deep into the pores.

    This starts a healing process to stop acne at its source. It also opens the pores and destroys acne-causing bacteria and soothes the inflammation.

    It is a quick and fuss-free way to treat individual pimples caused by mild to moderate acne.

    No! No! Skin Acne Treatment System is available at Aibi Style showrooms at JEM, Plaza Singapura and VivoCity.

    No! No! Skin can be purchased at $399.

    For more information, call 6376-9717 or visit www.aibistyle.com