Rock chick  and  tech geek  are the perfect match

POWER COUPLE: Ms Lua and Mr More do everything together - including shopping. This GSS, Ms Lua will be looking for clothes with an edgy flair, while Mr More will seek out a good pair of jeans.


    Jun 07, 2013

    Rock chick and tech geek are the perfect match

    HAZEL LUA, 25

    Marketing coordinator at Universal Music

    SURAJ MORE, 25

    Tech support associate at Google Asia Pacific

    SHE meets rock stars like Lady Gaga as part of her job.

    He works for one of the world's biggest tech companies.

    And this power couple have stood the test of time - they have been together for 71/2 years.

    They met at an orientation camp at Singapore Polytechnic. And puppy love turned into something deeper.

    Today, Mr More said he still feels the sweet tingle of anticipation before meeting Ms Lua for a date. She said she counts herself lucky to have found a lover and a best friend in Mr More.

    "We do everything together. He's at almost every family gathering of mine," she said. "Recently, he got his first car and I remember how excited I was to accompany him to go 'car shopping'."

    Cars aren't the only thing they shop for together. In fact, some of their dates take place in malls.

    Mr More said that for them, ION Orchard and Far East Plaza "offer a splendid mix of womenswear and menswear stores, and they are never short of good places to eat after a long day of shopping".

    Naturally, the Great Singapore Sale is a good time to hunt for bargains.

    Style-savvy Ms Lua usually looks for chic clothes with an edge, while the more-casual Mr More seeks out good jeans.

    One of Ms Lua's favourite sale buys was a pair of H&M boots, which she wore to the My Paper photoshoot. Purchased last December during the year-end sale, they were a steal at $20, down from $60. She said: "I bought two pairs - one in black and the other in red. They have a rockish and edgy flair. And for $20, you don't think twice."

    The Topman slim-fit black blazer that Mr More wore to the shoot was also a steal, bought during the GSS in 2008.

    "The fit is great and the design is sleek and simple, which was perfect for my brother's wedding that was coming up at the time," he said.

    Ms Lua serves as a source of style inspiration for him.

    "She's my fashion consultant who helps me update my wardrobe", he said.

    This GSS, Ms Lua will be looking for T-shirts for Mr More, while he is set on getting a handbag for her.

    "Love is not expressed in terms of dollars or cents. Getting your girlfriend a gift is all about keeping it real - and, by that, I mean giving from the heart," he said, when asked about the price range he's looking at.

    That's one lucky chick.