Sep 17, 2014

    Quick and easy online insurance

    FOR customer service officer Irene Tan, it is important that purchasing insurance is a hassle-free affair.

    When she is not working, the 41-year-old who works in an international bank here is constantly on the go, shuttling her two children to and from their various school and leisure activities.

    The fact that she is an avid traveller who takes at least four trips a year also means that she is no stranger to buying travel insurance.

    To get the coverage she and her family need in the most efficient way, she goes online.

    Buying insurance the traditional way - through agents or other intermediaries - can often be a tedious process, she told My Paper.

    "It is quite troublesome to fill up so many forms…buying online is also a 'greener' way of doing it.

    "For family holidays, my husband, who works in the airline industry, usually leaves me to do all the hotel bookings and buy the insurance.

    "With my already-busy schedule, it's important that I can do these things as easily as possible."

    Enter HL Assurance, a member of the Hong Leong Group and a relative newcomer to the insurance industry here.

    Mrs Tan first came across the company in an advertisement in My Paper earlier this year and visited its website to buy travel insurance ahead of a June vacation in Copenhagen, Denmark, with her family.

    She said: "I like how convenient it is to purchase coverage for my trip online, any time of the day, from the comfort of my home. It's fast and efficient.

    "It's not the first time I've bought travel insurance online, but I always look around for the best deal, which I found with HL Assurance."

    She paid just over $80 for what she considered comprehensive coverage for her family for the eight-day holiday.

    HL Assurance's travel insurance packages include complete coverage, from travel inconvenience due to flight delays to loss of personal possessions.

    Having recently made a travel-insurance claim after a trip, during which her luggage was damaged, she also made use of the company's dedicated customer-service hotline to complete her transaction.

    "One of the questions they ask in the online form is if you have made a claim in the past six months.

    "I wanted to make sure I was still eligible to make the purchase."

    So, she spent about 10 minutes on the line with a customer-service officer, who promptly processed the payment for the transaction.

    "He also sent me an instant confirmation of my purchase, which immediately put my mind at ease," she said.

    The good experience of purchasing online through HL Assurance led her to buy from the company again for a shopping trip to Hong Kong recently.

    "I recommended the same cover I bought to all of my friends and they were quite happy with it as well," she said.

    In November, she will use the company for the third time - this time, to cover her for a four-day, three-night cruise to Kuala Lumpur.

    "As long as the experience is good and the price is right, I will continue to patronise HL Assurance," she noted.

    "I will also consider looking at what other kinds of insurance they offer."