Producing employable grads is our goal

BE PREPARED: There is no point preparing students with the best academic knowledge but not the soft skills to help them ace a job interview, says Informatics' managing director, Mr Loh Siew Meng. This is why the private-education institution is big on running enrichment classes for its students.


    Oct 22, 2013

    Producing employable grads is our goal

    HAVING a solid education does not necessarily guarantee success during a job interview.

    To land that dream job, one needs non-academic skills as well - a belief that private-education institution Informatics Academy subscribes to firmly.

    "As always for the last 30 years, our focus is on producing employable graduates," said Informatics managing director Loh Siew Meng, 45.

    "Not only in the way we educate them academically but in the other skills we provide them, too."

    Besides offering a wide range of information-technology and business courses from diploma to degree levels, the school provides enrichment classes for students.

    These classes include ones in resume writing, interview skills and personal grooming - to give Informatics' graduates an added edge in the competitive job market.

    "No point preparing them with the best knowledge and they go for an interview and fail, or if they are asked to do a presentation but end up staring at the wall," said Mr Loh.

    He believes that Informatics has a winning formula, as the majority of its students are employed within three months of graduation, in Singapore and across the region.

    To give international students who are not native English speakers a leg up, the school has launched a year-long enrichment course, which is an extension of its previous six-month English-language foundation course.

    The new programme taps real-life examples and uses themes to make the lessons more enjoyable, such as "How technology affects our lives" and "The history of Singapore".

    "We found that the students still had difficulties in class after the foundation course, and some became so stressed that they didn't feel like studying," said Mr Loh.

    "So we tell them not to worry and that they can continue after the six months to build up their conversational skills."

    With its students at the very heart of Informatics, Mr Loh said the school will continue to make such tweaks to its courses, to cater to the needs and preferences of its students.

    "The idea is to give our students a pathway that suits them, he added. "Nothing is cut and dried."

    What is Informatics' unique selling point?

    First, our full-time faculty. They have served Informatics as educators for a long time and are all deeply passionate about teaching. As they are full-time staff, they are able to give the students the attention needed.

     Then there is the Informatics Global Campus, which allows international students to continue their studies even if circumstances require them to leave Singapore.

    Which are the most popular courses at Informatics?

    Right now, our courses in tourism and hospitality, network engineering and network security are very popular. We also have a niche course in Gaming and Animation that is sought after.

    What can potential students expect from Informatics in the future?

    We will continue to expand our courses within the areas that we are currently offering, such as Tourism and Hospitality, Accounting and Business Administration, as well as Information and Communication Technology.


    For more information on the courses offered at Informatics Academy, visit www.informatics.edu.sg