Practical skills to aid career

BONUS: Practical skills aside, Ms Teo enjoys the academy's learning environment.


    Aug 13, 2014

    Practical skills to aid career

    PAIGE Teo, a customer service executive at Singapore Food Industries, wanted to get better at her job, which involved marketing her company's goods. And, for that, she knew she needed to upgrade her skills.

    The 25-year-old decided to do a diploma, but with so many private institutions in Singapore, it was not easy for her to decide which one would suit her needs.

    So she asked friends who had been down the same path as her, and also conducted her own research online.

    It was after a month of intense research that she set her mind on PSB Academy, which came highly recommended by her friends.

    The leading private institution's credentials, such as a four-year EduTrust certification given by the Council of Private Education, also helped influence her decision.

    Now on her way to getting a Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management, she is pleased with her decision.

    The programme is teaching her to be an effective communicator, she said.

    She added that it is equipping her with practical skills and tips that can be applied directly to her work.

    Besides the merits of the programme, she is also enjoying the learning environment that PSB Academy has created for students like her.

    "The lecturers are kind and understand that part-time studies are not an easy task. They are always willing to help," she said.

    Teaching facilities include lecture rooms equipped with LCD projectors, electronic visualisers and wireless audio systems.

    The campus also boasts an air-conditioned Student Hub - an ideal gathering point for students undertaking project work and group discussions - a cafeteria, a bookstore and an indoor gym.

    For future part-time diploma students, Ms Teo has some advice.

    She said: "Juggling work and studies at the same time is not an easy task, so you need to plan carefully and make full use of the time you have."BROUGHT TO YOU BY PSB ACADEMY