Pop the right stuff for yummier skin

EXTREME: These pills are meant for those who have a dull skin tone and want to brighten their complexion.
Pop the right stuff for yummier skin

BB CAPS: The product can help to moisturise skin and produce an even and radiant complexion.


    Aug 27, 2014

    Pop the right stuff for yummier skin

    TIRED of having skin that looks worn out, and don't want your skin to reveal your age?

    Fusion Cosmetics may have just the products to rid you of your worries, and to make you look better than you have in a long time.

    Two products from Biocyte, a new brand that the company is distributing, promise to help women with skin issues.

    Biocyte Laboratory is considered a high-end market leader in France in beauty and age-defying dietary supplements. It has identified the factors involved in most aspects of the ageing process and offers a variety of specially suited and regularly revised solutions, incorporating all leading discoveries in oral skin care.

    Capsules called BB Caps are for women who do not want to take several dietary supplements at the same time but still wish their skin to look youthful.

    These capsules contain borage oil, which is believed to help fight ageing; hyaluronic acid, which can help moisturise and plump up the skin; ceramides derived from wheat that may help protect the skin from oxidative stress and recharge cell membranes; beta-glucans derived from beer yeast that aid with skin imperfections; and zinc and vitamin E, which are antioxidants.

    The product is believed to produce results such as moisturised skin and an even and radiant complexion, as well as diminish the appearance of visible wrinkles and imperfections.

    Pair Biocyte BB Caps with external application of BB creams so that skin can benefit internally and look good on the surface.

    In addition, dietary supplements contained in the pills deliver deep-down action with benefits for the entire body, targeting the most important layer of the skin, the dermis. This makes the effects of taking such supplements even longer lasting.

    All that is needed are two capsules a day for three months to see visible effects.

    Another product, in tablet form, is the Eclat Extreme.

    It is most suited for people with dark spots on the skin and hands, those hoping to brighten their complexion and people with a dull skin tone.

    Its active ingredients are arbutin (bearberry leaf extract) - a depigmenting agent which inhibits melanin formation and is well tolerated by the skin - and white tomato and mulberry, which are believed to help brighten complexion.

    Visible effects can be expected after taking three tablets a day for three months.

    The product could help reduce the appearance of skin spots, and could help a person get an even and luminous complexion.

    The Biocyte range is priced between $48 and $62. It can be found at Beauty By Nature stores and selected Watsons stores.