Dec 12, 2014

    Play that funky music without the fuss

    TRANSFORM your entire home into a complete aural experience in which you can listen to music from any room in the house.

    The PlayLink by Lenco, a Dutch manufacturer and distributor of audio and video equipment, is a wireless multi-room audio system that allows you to do just that.

    In collaboration with Qualcomm Connected Experiences, the PlayLink system features Qualcomm's AllPlay smart media platform, which wirelessly streams local and cloud-based content across Apple iOS and Android operating systems.

    The PlayLink range consists of two portable wireless speakers and the PlayConnect box.

    The box is a wireless audio receiver that allows you to stream music from your existing audio system by connecting it to your home's wireless router or linking it to other wireless devices like the PlayLink speakers.

    The PlayLink 4 speaker comes with a removable battery, is compact and suitable for outdoor use, while the PlayLink 6 speaker boasts more audio power.

    Both PlayLink speakers feature a full digital amplifier for great sound quality, and each speaker has three audio drivers.

    You can control the music through the PlayLink mobile application. You can also stream songs from your own playlist on your phone or computer, an online streaming service or Internet radio stations.

    The PlayLink is available at Robinsons, Metro, TwoBros Lifestyle & Gadget Store and authorised Lenco dealers.

    It costs $338 for the PlayLink 4, $488 for the PlayLink 6 and $238 for the PlayConnect.


    For more information, visit www.lencoplay.com