One  of a  kind  on his mind

VERSE LOVE: Mr Lu was an English major at the University of Pennsylvania. He hopes to publish a novel in the future. One topic he loves reading and writing about is style.


    Jun 07, 2013

    One of a kind on his mind

    JEFFREY LU, 28

    Head of strategy, AirAsiaExpedia

    NOTHING sets him on fire more than the written word.

    Mr Lu, who rose through the ranks at AirAsia before joining AirAsia Expedia in February, was an English major at the University of Pennsylvania.

    "Some of my favourite writers are Virginia Woolf, Hilary Mantel and Don Delillo. I love reading because I appreciate the ability to extract meanings just from enjoying the words on paper," he said of his passion for words.

    One topic he loves reading and writing about is style.

    Since 2004, he has been participating in online bespoke men's clothing forums, such as The London Lounge. That forum helped introduce him to the world of tailor-made clothes.

    Today, many items in his wardrobe are custom-made by artisans from all over the world, with fabrics that he picks himself. He also insists on sourcing for great "value-for-money" finds when he travels.

    The belt, jacket and pants that he wore for this photo shoot are examples of such finds.

    "I selected this suede leather from a shoemaker's store in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, and had him fashion it into a belt," Mr Lu said of the first item.

    "The shoemaker is well known for the quality of his leather and workmanship. I paid only about $37."

    He had his jacket made on a 2009 trip to Hong Kong. The material came from a pile of old stocks found in a tailor's store.

    "It is made of vintage wool from the 1980s. I chose this fabric because of its texture and the dimension in the colours that infuses the jacket with energy."

    Made of Brisa travel cloth, which is 100 per cent heavy wool from Scotland, the pants were ordered at The Cloth Club from The London Lounge in August 2008.

    "It is made with an open weave, so it's extremely cooling," he said. "The material carries weight too, lending a very beautiful drape and shape to it."

    This Great Singapore Sale, Mr Lu will be looking for some good jeans, shoes and accessories to complement his unique pieces.