Not just a piece of paper

CONFIDENT: Ms Ng is sure her business administration degree will give her an edge when she rejoins the workforce.


    Aug 18, 2014

    Not just a piece of paper

    AT SAA Global Education (SAA-GE), it is not just about fast-tracking your way to a piece of paper. There is also an acknowledgement that, while knowledge is key, the working world is very different from the confines of a school.

    So those who enrol in the University of Plymouth's Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree (Top-Up) programme - in business administration or accounting and finance - can expect to be tasked with real business case studies, on top of examinations.

    The Plymouth students carry out individual and group assignments on such case studies, said Teo Chua Chin, Senior Head of Academic Programme and Curriculum Management at SAA-GE.

    For example, business administration students will provide consultancy to an actual company, while accounting and finance students are required to do a presentation from the position of a management accountant, he added.

    An intimate and hands-on learning environment also awaits students, with classes having no more than 40 students, and strong interaction between lecturers and students.

    Polytechnic graduates with the relevant diplomas can attain their honours degrees in just a year, while those without can first undergo SAA-GE's Advanced Diploma Level 1 and 2 programmes.

    Lessons are held at SAA-GE's city campus at TripleOne Somerset.

    Ranked 42nd among universities under 50 years old worldwide and a top-50 British university, Plymouth offers students the opportunity to spend a semester at its Britain campus. Selected graduands also receive a sponsored trip to Britain for their convocation.

    One student who has benefited from the Plymouth programme, which is part of an exclusive partnership with SAA-GE, is Hazel Ng, 25.

    After three years in the retail industry, she decided to pursue a degree in the hope of "opening more doors for (her) career". She is confident that her business administration degree will give her a leg up when she ventures back into the working world.

    "The wide range of subjects in the programme has allowed me to have a broader understanding of the business industry as a whole," she said.

    "A variety of teaching methods, such as e-learning and hands-on projects, have also equipped me with the necessary practical skills to do well after graduation."


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