Nipping hair loss in the bud

HERBAL REMEDY: The LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre remedies hair problems with herbal treatments. A 10-session Anti-Hair Loss or Hair Rejuvenation Treatment package is available for $880.
Nipping hair loss in the bud

HAIR CARE: People can fix their hair problems at LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre at The Bencoolen.


    Mar 18, 2014

    Nipping hair loss in the bud

    HAIR problems, if not dealt with well, could lead to some pretty hairy situations.

    Seven per cent of Singaporeans said that they would contemplate breaking off relationships if their partners were suffering from hair loss, according to the results of a recent survey.

    And 10 per cent of them admitted that they would be embarrassed about introducing their balding partners to friends and family.

    While hair problems may be increasingly common, even among young adults, nobody has to suffer in silence.

    For example, LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre offers a range of services that help to nip the problem of hair loss in the bud.

    It also caters to various other hair troubles - be it oily scalps, thinning hair, hair loss, bald patches or greying hair.

    Hair loss can be caused by multiple factors, with the most common being stress, prolonged intake of strong medication, crash dieting, and the use of unsuitable hair-care products.

    The centre is known for providing remedies to hair problems using an all-natural formula made from premium herbs.

    LaoFoYe currently offers a 10-session Anti-Hair Loss or Hair Rejuvenation Treatment package at a promotional price of $880. The one-hour treatment, which excludes massage, involves the application of herbs, followed by a scrub, and finally a wash and blow dry.

    First-time customers get to enjoy a free scalp analysis and consultation as well.

    The Anti-Hair Loss Treatment works to open up clogged and dormant pores in the scalp, while conditioning them with essential nutrients that revive hair growth.

    Those experiencing stubborn, patchy hair loss can benefit from continued treatments, which help to re-stimulate the healthy growth of hair.

    For stronger, healthier hair, try the Hair Rejuvenation Treatment, which helps nourish weak or unproductive hair follicles. This promotes the growth of thicker, darker, and more voluminous hair.

    LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre is at The Bencoolen (opposite the OG Albert Complex), 180 Bencoolen Street, #02-17. To arrange for a free scalp analysis and consultation, call 6383-8333.

    For more information, visit www.laofoyehair.com, or e-mail consult@laofoyehair.com