Natural path to a slimmer you

BEFORE: Ms Ince weighed 108kg before starting Suddenly Slender's Ultra Lite programme.
Natural path to a slimmer you

AFTER: Coupled with exercise and a balanced diet, she has kept to her ideal weight of 59kg since starting the programme.


    Oct 29, 2014

    Natural path to a slimmer you

    CAN'T seem to find the right way to slim down? Or perhaps you can't find a natural means to do so? Look no further.

    Try losing weight naturally through a diet programme based on independent research by Harvard University.

    The Ultra Lite weight-loss and detox programme from Suddenly Slender applies a holistic approach to weight loss and, more importantly, long-term weight control, together with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

    The programme helps to eliminate any food cravings one might have and aims to cultivate healthy eating habits, like eating the right foods and the appropriate portion size.

    With a weekly one-on-one session with a professionally trained consultant, the programme will help keep you on track and maintain a successful outcome.

    Once the weight-loss goal has been met, that's when it'll be recommended that you begin the Lifetime maintenance programme.

    Take it from Sam Ince, who lost 48kg in less than a year.

    "For me, getting on this programme was exciting because it was educating me on portion size, what was good for my body and how it was going to change the way I looked at food," Ms Ince explained.

    Some 15 years after starting her Ultra Lite programme, coupled with adequate exercise and a balanced-meal plan, she is still maintaining her ideal weight of 59kg, down from 108kg.

    "Now that I can control what I eat, there's no problem," Ms Ince said. "You don't feel restricted in any way."

    For more information, call 8175-5533 or visit www.suddenlyslender.com.sg