Making the most of your space

BRILLIANT: Architect Rick Joy designed this 1,000 sq ft Manhattan studio apartment for its owner, Mr Paul Palandjian. The ceiling and walls have a white Venetian plaster finish. There wasn't room for recessed lights in the ceiling, so Mr Joy found an arched light fixture from Vibia Lighting.
Making the most of your space

NOW YOU SEE IT... The linen curtains around the bed can be pulled shut to make a "room". Mr Palandjian said he can have 30 people for cocktails and hide all the coats on the bed.
Making the most of your space

SPACE SOLUTIONS: There is more storage in this studio than in many larger apartments; there are three walls of closets. The bench behind the sofa can be pulled over to the dining table to provide more seating (the table seats 10).
Making the most of your space

SEAT OF THE PANTS: The dining chairs, by Tobias Juretzek for Casamania, are made out of old jeans and T-shirts.


    Apr 19, 2013

    Making the most of your space

    WHERE there's a will, there's a way.

    Home buyers facing high per-square-foot costs and shrinking spaces always have this on their minds: How do I make a small space look fantastic?

    American architect Rick Joy showed off just the way to do it, when he unveiled his work on a 1,000 sq ft Manhattan studio, the first apartment he has designed for a client. He is also working on a redesign of the Princeton train station, a more typical endeavour for his firm.

    For the studio, he imagined a kind of inside-out house, with an inner skin of whitewashed fir. The ceiling and walls have a white Venetian plaster finish.

    White linen tumbles from above the windows; around the bed are indigo and white linen curtains you can pull shut to make a "room".

    On the closet doors are leather tabs, so you don't hit yourself against them as you walk by.

    Owner Paul Palandjian, a Massachusetts-based consultant, paid US$1,050,000 (S$1,300,000) for the apartment in 2010, and spent about US$300,000 renovating it. The look? Minimal, but warm. Check out the photo spread, to get inspired.

    There are a few things that will help make any space look better.

    First, keep it clean and get rid of clutter. Having a place for everything will make it look organised and cared-for.

    Instead of having free-standing cabinets that tend to make the space look cluttered, consider built-in solutions that can accommodate all your storage needs in one compact area.

    And look for furniture that does more. If you're going to get, say, an ottoman, look for one with hidden storage.