LUL is no laughing matter

WEE PROBLEM: Kris Jenner suffers from light urinary leakage, and says Poise liners are life-savers.


    Jun 25, 2013

    LUL is no laughing matter

    REALITY-TV series Keeping Up With The Kardashians was a bona fide hit in 2011, with millions of viewers around the globe. Then, family matriarch Kris Jenner revealed a rather intimate fact about herself: She suffered from a wee bladder problem called light urinary leakage (LUL).

    "LUL is something that has happened to me, from things as simple as a laugh, sneeze, cough or even exercise," she said in an interview with Bliss.com.

    But it is no laughing matter. About one in four women in Singapore suffers from LUL, which can affect a woman when she hits menopause.

    Studies have shown that about 64 per cent of LUL sufferers continue to use menstrual products, and only 11 per cent use specialised products for LUL.

    Those who suffer from LUL can turn to Poise, which offers liners and pads for "discreet, comfortable protection" so that women can get on with living active and dynamic lives.

    Poise Products promise to be two times more absorbent than regular feminine sanitary products.

    Better yet, Poise Products offer better odour control than the standard fare.

    Jenner became the spokesman for Poise in the United States in 2011.

    Then, she told Bliss.com that Poise liners - which she described as "thin little pads specifically designed for life's little leaks" - were life-savers, and she made sure to take some along wherever she went.

    She also noted that LUL is a taboo topic.

    "It's important for women to realise they are not alone, and that this is something natural that happens. (It) is nothing we should feel ashamed or embarrassed about," Jenner said.

    Visit www.poise.com.sg to request a free sample.