Lose weight, gain health with TCM massage

PUSH, PULL AND POKE: Ma Kuang offers a TCM slimming treatment to tackle weight problems and restore health with a slimming massage with acupuncture.


    Mar 18, 2014

    Lose weight, gain health with TCM massage

    THE last few years have seen a boom in the use of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) methods at many slimming and beauty centres here.

    This comes as no surprise - TCM, after all, has long been known for its natural healing approaches to both illness and beauty woes alike.

    To help people tackle weight issues, Ma Kuang Biotech (MKB) TCM Wellness Centre offers targeted services and treatments that work to restore one's health and physique.

    These include TCM consultations, acupuncture, massotherapy (tui na in Chinese), scraping and cupping.

    Ma Kuang Healthcare Group, one of the leading TCM health-care service providers in Singapore, has set up two branches.

    For those who want to slim down, the holistic treatment methods associated with TCM provide a breather from medication and its possible side effects, which could include palpitations, dizziness, bloatedness, diarrhoea or anorexia.

    On top of getting their bodies in shape, customers can get other health problems treated at the same time. This is because TCM deals with the recuperation of the body condition, which is key to natural weight loss.

    Clinical observations have also shown that there are fewer chances of a relapse with TCM slimming.

    At MKB, the Abdominal Detox Massage - comprising acupressure and massage with essential oils - is the most popular treatment.

    It revives the internal organs, increases basal metabolic rate, promotes lymphatic circulation, excretes body waste and reduces the accumulation of toxins.

    This massage is most suitable for people who suffer from constipation, stomach bloating or indigestion, as well as those with abdominal obesity.

    Even those who merely wish to improve their metabolism and tone their body can benefit from the treatment, which restores the balance in one's body to a healthier state.

    Ma Kuang is now offering first-time customers selected massages and treatments at the promotional price of just $38.

    These include the 30-minute Abdominal Detox Massage and 30-minute Slimming Acupuncture; 30-minute Stress Relief Massage and Cupping; 30-minute Therapeutic Lymphatic Bust Massage (with acupuncture at an additional $50) and 60-minute TCM Facial Rejuvenating Treatment.

    MKB TCM Wellness Centre (Orchard) is located at Pacific Plaza, 9 Scotts Road, #06-04 (Tel: 6339-6580), and MKB TCM Wellness Centre (Ang Mo Kio) is located at Block 722, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #01-2829 (Tel: 6459-3882). Reservations are required.

    For more information, visit www.makuang.com.sg