Lead an active life with StrongJoint

RELIEF: StrongJoint can help relieve stiffness and discomfort in areas such as the knees, hands, shoulders and hips.


    Jul 30, 2014

    Lead an active life with StrongJoint

    IS JOINT pain preventing you from carrying out the activities you want? StrongJoint Ultimate Joint Care could help.

    StrongJoint contains several key ingredients: glucosamine sulphate, chondroitin sulphate, methylsulfonylmethane, hyaluronic acid, vitamin D and goji berries.

    It also contains Type II collagen, which is known to support healthy joint function, and BosPure.

    StrongJoint targets several joint problems, including stiffness, discomfort and creakiness. It can help relieve stiffness and discomfort in areas such as the knees, hands, shoulders and hips.

    StrongJoint also supports cartilage repair and may provide lubrication for joints, increasing joint flexibility and mobility.

    Launched under the United States-based nutritional health supplement brand US Clinicals, StrongJoint is made in facilities approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, and manufactured under the country's Good Manufacturing Practices guidelines.

    Someone suffering from joint discomfort need only take two capsules a day after food. Results may vary for each individual.

    Consumers are advised to take StrongJoint for at least four to six weeks to achieve the best results.

    MediaCorp artist Richard Low, 62, says that StrongJoint has helped to improve the condition of his joints.

    An ambassador of StrongJoint Ultimate Joint Care, Low said: "After taking (StrongJoint) for less than a month, I can feel improvement in my joint discomfort and the stiffness in my back.

    "StrongJoint is natural, effective and helps me feel more agile and carefree when I act."

    StrongJoint is on sale for $65 at Unity stores. Seniors aged 50 and above can get a five per cent discount. Customers who buy six bottles will get one free.

    For inquiries, call 6515-9818 or visit www.us-clinicals.com