Keep learning with the TMC family

HELPING STUDENTS GROW: TMC classes are small so that every student gets the required attention, says Dr Gill.


    Oct 23, 2014

    Keep learning with the TMC family

    LEARNING is a lifelong endeavour that can help you remain relevant in today's workforce. For those looking to further their education or upgrade themselves to get ahead in their careers, private schools have become an option.

    TMC Academy offers part-time and full-time diploma and degree courses in subjects such as business, law and mass communication.

    But what makes the school special?

    Hew Gill, academic director of TMC Academy, said: "TMC Academy is a family, and just like a family, we treat every one of our students and staff as an individual.

    "Every student is different. At TMC, we are focused on what is best for each student. TMC classes are small so that we can make sure every student gets the attention needed, and our lecturers are always available to give help and guidance."

    Dr Gill added that it is crucial to understand each student: Work out what interests him, how he learns and how he can build on his strengths.

    This is why TMC's lecturers devote a lot of time to providing pastoral care to students.

    One student who has benefited from studying at TMC Academy is Indonesian Wiliani, 21. She studied there full-time and graduated last weekend with a TMC Higher Diploma in Information Technology.

    "The lecturers were all kind and helpful throughout my studies at TMC," Ms Wiliani said. "I'm really grateful to them as they assisted and encouraged me whenever I had problems in my studies."


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